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Electronic Shower Heater


Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater with tubular heating system and shower set for supplying hot water at a precise temperature between 30 C and 45 C in a shower. The required temperature can be set by means of two touch keys. The heating power is controlled electronically in order to keep the hot water at a constant temperature. The appliance is conveniently switched on and off via an On/Off knob. The flow rate can be adjusted by means of the flow control valve if necessary.


  • Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater for showers
  • Tubular heating system in copper tank
  • Open-outlet design
  • Heating power controlled electronically in accordance with feed temperature and flow rate
  • Control panel with LED indicator for temperature selection Cold and 30 C 45 C
  • Flow control knob
  • Knob for conveniently switching on and off
  • Variable electrical connection
  • Variable water connection for surface-mounted or flush-mounted installation
  • Shower set with multi-position hand set, wall rail, soap dish and shower hose

Capacity: 0.2 Liter
Type of system (max. static pressure): non-pressure, 0 bar
Heating System: tubular heating element
Nominal rating/-loading at 1/N/PE ~ 220V: 2.7 kW/12.3 A
Nominal rating/-loading at 1/N/PE ~ 230V: 3.0 kW/13.0 A
Nominal rating/-loading at 1/N/PE ~ 240V: 3.3 kW/13.8 A
Required cable minimum: 3 x 2.5 mm
Switch-off flow: 2.0 l/min
Maximum temp rise at nominal rating 230V and
flow of 4 l/min:
flow of 5 l/min:
flow of 6 l/min:
flow of 7 l/min:
flow of 8 l/min:
Suitable for areas with cold water temps up to: 28 - 30C
Temperature control: Cold and 30 - 45C
Water connection: G 1/2" for concealed or above work surface
Weight: 2.2 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 33 x 21 x 11cm
Class / Degree of protection (IEC 529): 1 / IP 25