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Electronic Multipoint Water Heater


Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater with tubular heating system for supplying hot water between 35 C and 55 C. The required temperature can be selected via two touch keys. The heating power is controlled electronically in order to obtain and roughly maintain the set temperature. The flow rate can be reduced via the control knob in order to maintain the preset temperature when the maximum heating power (rated power) is reached.


  • Compact, electronically controlled instantaneous water heater
  • Tubular heating system in copper tank
  • Closed-outlet design with safety temperature limiter
  • Heating power controlled electronically in accordance with feed temperature and flow rate
  • Control panel with LED indicator for setting the temperature between 35 C and 55 C
  • Control knob for reducing the flow rate right down to zero
  • Variable electrical connections
  • Variable water connection for surface-mounted or flush-mounted installation

Capacity: 0.2 Liter
Type of system (max. static pressure): non-pressure, 0 bar
Heating System: tubular heating element
Nominal rating/-loading at 1/N/PE ~ 220V: 6.0 kW/27.3 A
Nominal rating/-loading at 1/N/PE ~ 230V: 6.6 kW/28.7 A
Nominal rating/-loading at 1/N/PE ~ 240V: 7.2 kW/30.0 A
Required cable minimum: 3 x 4.0 mm
Switch-off flow: 2.0 l/min
Maximum temp rise at nominal rating 230V and
flow of 4 l/min:
flow of 5 l/min:
flow of 6 l/min:
flow of 7 l/min:
flow of 8 l/min:
Suitable for areas with cold water temps up to: 20 - 30C
Temperature control: Cold and 30 - 45C
Water connection: G 1/2" for concealed or above work surface
Weight: 2.2 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 33 x 21 x 11cm
Class / Degree of protection (IEC 529): 1 / IP 25