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  Oil Immersed Transformer (USA)
Dry Type Transformers
Capacity: 2.0 KVA - 1.5 MVA
Phase/Frequency: Single Phase or Three Phase/6 Hz
Primary Voltage: 4160 volts and below
Secondary Voltage: 600 volts and below
Features : Tapping: 2x2.5% above and below normal voltage
Temperature Rise: 150 C or below
     All units are natural ventilated dry type and designed in accordance with applicable NEMA & ANSI standards. The transformer is manufactured to withstand continous operations at rated capacity 24 hours a day throughout the years with normal life expectancy as defined in IEEE no. 65. The required performance is obtained without exceeding rated tempaerature rise and without reaching the maximum coil hot spot temperature of 40 C above temperature rise.
     INSULATION CLASS: H for 150 C; F for 115 C
     The coil of the transformers is wound with highly conductive electrical grade copper or aluminum conductors. Insulation system is of class H high temperature resistant and flame retardant materials. Insulation level is 1.2 KV class H @ 30 KV BIL. To ensure superior bond strength and to improve dielectric strength of windings, the coil is applied with high temperature insulating varnish.
     The core is constructed with high electrical grade grain oriented silicon sheet with low loss characteristics to minimize exciting current, no load loss and interlaminar vibration.
     To withstand short circuit test and to minimize vibration, the core-coil assembly are rigidly brace mechanically.
     The enclosure is self-bracing, drip proof and rodent-proof protection and finished with powder coated paint. For outdoor service, the transformer can be furnished with weathershields. Lifting holes are also provided to facilitate handling and installation. The front panel is removable for easy access to wiring compartment during wiring or during changing taps.
     Terminal compartment is located on the bottom of the core-coil assembly for either side of bottom conduit entrance and for lower temperature rise on the terminal assembly.
     Both units are available in either autowinding or mutual induction winding.
  • Turns ratio test
  • No load test, Applied voltage test
  • Phase relation/ Polarity test
  • Hipot test/Megger test and
  • Impedence measurement